Terms and Conditions

DISCLAIMER: I understand and agree that 518 Floor Care bears no liability whatsoever for pre-existing or latent conditions present in the subject premises. All services performed by 518 Floor Care are cosmetic only and will not address pre-existing structural issues (i.e. cracked or degraded hardwood floors, etc.). Furthermore, 518 Floor Care expressly disclaims all liability for conditions, whether latent or patent which are beyond the scope and nature of the above referenced services. Any questions concerning our workmanship must be reported within three business (3) days after completion of the job or may be subject to a service charge at our option. I have reviewed the analysis and agree with the comments noted.

Service Disclaimer

By choosing 518 Floor Care, LLC you agree to the following service disclaimer.

Appointment Confirmation

Unless scheduled the day prior, all jobs are confirmed by telephone, text message or email the morning of service.

Customer Cancellation

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your appointment.

518 Floor Care Cancellation

In the rare case we need cancel your appointment for reasons beyond our control, we will let you know as quickly as possible as well as attempt to find an suitable service provider to fill our cancellation. Abrupt cancellations may occur due to inclement weather or mechanical failure.

Arrival Time

Please allow a 15 minute window of arrival.

Credit / Debit / Invoice Fee

Payment is due at time of service unless invoiced. All invoices are due within 2 business days of service date, otherwise, an additional 10% late fee is added to the invoice. Unpaid invoices after 30 days will have an additional 10% late fee perpetually every 30 days until paid in full.

Slip Hazard

Caution: walking from recently refinished hardwood surfaces may create a slip hazard. Please be careful not to slip when walking. We are not responsible for injuries that might result from slip hazard.

Trip Hazard

You understand we will have equipment, cords and other tools both large and small, running throughout your home or facility during the installation / refinishing process. We are not responsible for injuries that might result from our equipment or misplaced furniture being in a walkway.

Moving Furniture

We do not move furniture to refinish hardwood floors unless specifically agreed upon prior to commencement of the work. Please move your furniture prior to our arrival. We will not be responsible to damage that occurs as a result of the customer deciding not to move pieces of furniture or electronics, which includes televisions.

House Pets

Please place your pet(s) in a crate, bathroom, or safe location where they will not be in the way of the work being performed. We are not responsible for lost pets or their whereabouts during the service. Strong fumes may be present during the refinishing process so please take this into consideration when deciding to leave pets in the house.

Dry Time

The dry time between coats of stain, polyurethane and water-based finishes will varying depending on the indoor temperature and humidity present in the house.

Spots and Stains

Spots and Stains in the hardwood floors may be the result of water damage or pet stains from urine. These stains will make the wood dark and may cause permanent damage to the wood floors. Every effort will be made to sand out these stains, however not all stains can be repaired via sanding and may require board replacement at an additional fee if desired.

Normal Wear and Tear

While we take every precaution to care for your home, we are not responsible for normal wear and tear such as minor scratches, dents and scuffs that might result from service.

Personal Items and Items of Value

Prior to our arrival, please have your personal items as well as items of value appropriately stored away.

Vacant or Unchaperoned Homes or Facilities

As owner, landlord, tenant or agent of the owner, landlord or tenant, you release 518 Floor Care, LLC from service complaints or all claims of damage to your home or facility when you agree to allow us to be in your home or facility without your presence.

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